Long-term Character Development    

     With simple repetition and re- enforcement children learn to quickly tell the truth. They will tell you before you even find out just so they can earn tokens.   

The Happy Face Token System helps children integrate values that will be displayed as adults.    

Cammo Ammo is Code for Happy Face Tokens!

They provide the leverage needed to get the plan moving.  They are disguised as happy  faces, but they are what makes your  BEST MOM MISSION:POSSIBLE!

Implement Ahhsome “Gardening Techniques” or Growing A Happy Family as you find JOY in the JOurneY of  Parenting.

Terminology can sabotage our efforts. Learn the difference between

Mission Impossible: NOT- annimation for the Happy Face Token System makinglist.gif

Parenting Tips and Techniques

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The Happy Face Token System-cammo ammo BOOK